Saturday, April 23, 2011

Days Four through Seven

So I had my first not-that-great NS meal yesterday - the brownie to me was too dark and bitter-tasting for my liking. Not much I can do about that. I might try putting some fresh raspberries (or frozen, thawed with lemon juice and Splenda) next time to help the taste. Still really liking my breakfast in the evening, although on days like today (weekend) when my hubby is home I really find myself wanting to eat in the morning with him.

On a spiritual note, it's Easter and I am so thankful for my family, my God and my salvation. We have a busy weekend (DH has four services in all this weekend) but I'm going to stay on track and try to workout as much as I can while making sure he has the time to do his very important work.

Saturday 134.8 lbs. day 4
B-NF SF hazelnut latte, banana
S-boiled egg
L-spicy tomato jalapeno soup, peanut butter bar (My take: Pretty good, but I definitely prefer the fudge graham to this.)
S-double chocolate mocha
D-thick crust pizza topped with tomato, fresh basil and fresh garlic (My take: This was my least favorite meal so far. I had a big bowl of green beans beforehand and still felt hungry. The cheese was weird and the sauce was bland. Won't be ordering this again.)
S-pancakes with blueberries (My take: I shouldn't have added the blueberries. They overwhelmed the flavor and I couldn't tell how much I liked the flavor. Next time I might just have them plain with some vanilla and splenda added.)
S-thin mint bar (My take: Um, yum. Just like a Girl Scout cookie.)

Sunday Day 5 - Easter
B-NF SF hazelnut latte
L-tortellini with tomatoes, crushed red pepper, mushrooms, garlic and basil and 2 T. parmesan on top
S-light banana yogurt with banana slices, sugar-free double mocha
D-sweet and sour chicken with noodles with soy sauce, ginger, chile garlic sauce, red and green pepper, jalapeno
S-banana muffin (My take: Pretty good, I sprayed with ICBINB. Prefer the scones and double chocolate muffin to this for sure.)
S-chocolate nougat bar (My take: Meh. Won't order this again.)
W-Ripped in 30 video

Monday day 6
B-NF SF hazelnut latte, banana
L-trail mix bar, subway turkey six-inch with veggies and mustard (Okay, so I had two lunches today. My calories were still around 1300.) (My take: This was a nice salty-sweet bar, but I'll definitely be skipping this for the fudge graham next time.)
S-double mocha, light yogurt
D-spicy chicken sausage and rice with diced tomatoes, red bell pepper and jalapeno added (My take: This was awesome! I added some lime juice and various chile pepper powders and cumin. A real delight.)
S-cranberry orange pastry (My take: Not as good as I expected, but still pretty yummy. Smelled better than it tasted.)
S-chocolate peanut butter bar
W-40 minutes cardio, lift back and bis, 30 situps

Tuesday day 7
B-NF SF hazelnut iced latte, banana
L-potato soup made with NS mashed potatoes with sauteed celery, onion, carrots, 1 c.nonfat milk
S-double mocha
D-chicken tortilla soup with fire-roasted tex-mex diced tomatoes, bell and jalapeno peppers added (My take: Yum! Love anything like this I can doctor up and add some heat to it.)
S-yogurt parfait with 12 dark cherries, light yogurt, NS lowfat granola (My take: One of my favorite meals so far. I used Yoplait Red Velvet cake flavor.)
S-double mocha, chocolate almond cookie (My take: Ick. Bland and dry, not chocolatey enough for me. Will be trying to trade these.)
W-17 minutes run/walk, lift chest, shoulders and tris, 30 situps

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