Friday, April 22, 2011

Day Three: Getting in the Swing of It

B-banana, medium nonfat sugar-free hazelnut latte (8:30 a.m.)
L-tomato soup (diced tomatoes, garlic, basil topped with 2 T. parmesan cheese) fudge graham bar (2 p.m.) (My take: This was the best bar I have EVER had, and I've tried plenty of them. So decadent and chunky with lots of chips, graham and marshmallow pieces. Didn't think I'd like having a bar for lunch, but the soup made it feel like it was more of a dessert.)
S-sugar free double chocolate mocha (4 p.m.)
D-vegetable fajita with orange bell pepper, jalapeno and diced tomatoes in whole wheat tortilla (6 p.m.) (My take: My additions of jalapeno, peppers and tomatoes as well as cumin, cilantro, ancho chile powder and chile piquin powder, made this dish. It would have been rather bland I think without it.)
S-apple strudel scone (8:30 p.m.) (My take: Toasted with ICBINB spray and cinnamon, this was a fragrant, yummy, tummy-warming snack.)
S-fudge brownie (10:30 p.m.) (My take: Worst thing I've had yet. Won't be ordering again. Too dark and bitter for my taste. Also, slightly deformed.)
W-run/walk 45 minutes (5 p.m.)

Bodybugg burn: 2749
Calorie intake: 1350

So far, I'm finding that I prefer the meals that are southwestern, asian or can take the addition of vegetables and spices to improve upon it. I'm wondering if I'll like the lasagna for that reason...hard to "edit" lasagna. Much easier to spice up a bowl of orange chicken and rice.

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