Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week Two

Wednesday April 27 - official one week on NS
B-NF SF hazelnut latte, banana
S-boiled egg
L-tortilla soup with diced tomatoes, bell and jalapeno peppers (My take: Another awesome meal. Really strong tortilla flavor and made a big bowl. I was definitely satisfied.)
S-double hazelnut mocha
S-sugar free vanilla latte, another double mocha
D-BBQ pork wrap with sauteed red onion and bell peppers (My take: Um, this was AWESOME! Sweet, smoky and delightful with the fajita veggies. Wish I had more of these...)
S-blueberry muffin
S-chocolate caramel dessert bar

Thursday April 28
B-NF SF latte, banana
L-veggie soup with diced tomatoes, onions, peppers and jalapenos, fudge graham bar
S-light apple yogurt with baked apple
S-double mocha
D-lasagna with tomato basil sauce, green beans (My take: This was pretty good. A nice change from my spicy southwestern fare as of late.)
S-cinnamon bun (My take: Despite the bad reviews, I really liked this! It was warm and cinnamon-y and I loved peeling it open.), double mocha
S-carrot cake, JELLO Indulgence mint chocolate pudding cup
W-Ripped in 30 level 1

Friday April 29 (Should be first weigh-in day, but I'm skipping because I have my period.)
B-banana, latte
L-Subway Turkey sub
S-JELLO mint chocolate pudding cup, double sugar free mocha
S- double chocolate caramel bar (I realize this was my second lunch, but I still kept my calories around 1350, and I promised myself I could have it if I worked out, so I think I'm okay)
D-buffalo chicken wrap with fajita veggies - tri-color peppers, red onions, jalapenos
S-cinnamon bun bar
S-pound cake
W-walk/run 45 minutes

Saturday April 30 (My family visits - first true trial of strength!) I'm planning ahead so I stay accountable...
B-banana, latte
L-tortellini with mushrooms, basil and diced tomatoes (they're having pizza bread - this should be a filling lunch that takes a while to eat)
D-lasagna with meat sauce (they're having lasagna and garlic bread too)
S-chocolate chip scone
S-thin mint crisp bar (one of my favorite desserts - that is no coincidence. Will keep me happy while they have my double chocolate raspberry filled cupcakes!)

Sunday May 1
B-banana, latte
L-spinach, mushroom and tomato soup, fudge graham bar
S-starbucks mocha lite frappuccino
D-sloppy joes on whole wheat roll
S-apple scone
S-peppermint patty cookie
W- Ripped in 30

Monday May 2
B-banana, latte
S-tomato, zucchini, onion and habanero pepper soup, baked apple with cinnamon and splenda
S-double mocha, JELLO indulgence pudding, about 3 cups of green bean crisps (ugh)
D-penne pasta with chicken alfredo (added fresh basil, sauteed portabellos and crushed red pepper)
L-dark chocolate caramel bar (saved for later)
S-blueberry lemon dessert bar
S-double chocolate muffin
W-40 minute run/walk at gym

Tuesday May 3 (130.8)
B-large nonfat sugar free latte, banana
S-spicy tomato soup
S-double mocha
D-rotini with meatballs, tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms
L-peanut butter chocolate bar
S-cranberry orange pastry
S-mint chocolate crisp bar

Question: Lately I've been saving all my meals until later - dinner at 6, lunch bar at 8, breakfast at 9 and dessert at 10. Is there anything wrong with this? I have my snacks and other foods earlier in the day...

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